Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Legal Scholars Call for Term Limits on Supreme Court

The life time appointment was one of the big three mistakes made by the god like founding fathers in the Consitution. In their defense, it would be another 100 years before the clinical description of Alzheimer dementia. The idea of a dementocracy is not appropriate in our time.

If the term limit is to be changed by a Constitutional amendment, the opportunity should be taken to also exclude anyone who has passed 1L from serving on any appellate bench in the No evidence exists to support the exclusivity of lawyers. The senseless, mind boggling decisions are res ipsa loquitur evidence for excluding the lawyer. Putting puking, alcohol besotted bums from the gutter as Supreme Court Justices would result in an immediate upgrade in the logic, lawfulness, and clarity of Supreme Court appellate decisions.

While messing with the Supreme Court in the Constitution, the number of Justices should be mandated to be an even number, preferably in the hundreds. If the Court will unlawfully change laws, let it be more legislative in size. The even number would also eliminate the opprobious effects of those 5-4 decisions. It would make the court more conservative in the sense that tie votes let the lower court decision stand.

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