Wednesday, February 27, 2008

North Carolina Underlawyered, Says Self-Dealing Cult Criminal

Here. The report.

Like all remedies, the number of lawyers
in a place has an underdose and an overdose.

All remedies are human experimentation.

They should be proven safe and effective
in pilot studies.

The dose response curve that includes the above
ineffective and dangerous ranges
should be provided by those proposing the remedy.

No such data are needed. The criminal cult enterprise
controls the three branches
of government and sees no need for data.

Friday, February 22, 2008

EBay Lessons for the Law

EBay has an internal legal system superior to that of the lawyer and government.

1. Contracts. If one does not keep one's promise on EBay, ratings warn others. The risk results in lower bids. If one fails to deliver several times, one may be excluded from this multi-billion dollar market. Fraudulent purchasers get excluded, as well as sellers. Small disputes get resolved by communication, and the fear of poor ratings. In contract law, only the biggest contracts get enforced by the law, because legal fees are not worth an action for under $10's of 1000's. Performance on EBay takes place in the overwhelming majority of cases. In the world of contract law, the rate of performance is unknown, and likely to be low.

2. Torts.

3. Evidence. In the law, one must produce an expert to testify to the value of a product, an opinion, a guess, a biased view paid for by the hiring attorney. On EBay, the selling price is a fact for the product, at that time. The price reflects the sincerest value of a worldwide market.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wishes of Deceased for Corpse Prevail Over Those of the Relatives

This Iowa bill proposes that presumed consent or actual consent for organ donation would prevail over any family wish. Here.

1. Corpse and Kelo.

Monday, February 11, 2008

If Harm from the Breaking of a Rule Is Negligence Per Se, What is a Verdict Enabled by a Crime?

The Rules of Civil Procedure should end res judicata if the outcome stems from a crime, such as the one described here.