Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reply to the Coming Swarm by John Arquilla

This was in the NY Times, a propaganda organ of treason. Arquilla describes a Mombai style of simultaneous attacks by terrorists, the swarm. He proposes starting an infrastructure of small police posts, with a small number of people, with less training than elite forces.

How about this instead, growth of government promoter, left wing ideologue?

All citizens carry weapons.

All pro-criminal, lawyer, sick, traitor doctrines get repealed. There is a duty to kill criminals. There is immunity for the citizen killing the criminal. There are fines for failing to fire a weapon at a criminal.

The lawyer loves the terrorist and caused 9/11. The 9/11 Commission covered up the role of the lawyer in its cause. The lawyer prevents the total eradication of the enemies of the United States. The lawyer puts lawyer jobs above the safety of the public. The lawyer put a wall between the CIA and the FBI. All political correctness is case and promotes lawyer jobs. The taking of three airliners would have been less likely in another country. The American male has been lawyerized, and only certain death will unleash his heroism. The lawyer is embedded with our male warriors. This traitor has cancelled tactical decisions down to the squad level. One prevented the firing of a rocket from a drone at the limousive Mullad Omar. It goes on.

The point is that the lawyer rent seeking enterprise must be stopped if we are ever to be even a little safer.

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