Saturday, February 14, 2009

Potential Unintended Benefit of Economic Crisis

There is no remedy but to increase productivity to make more value, to generate taxes, and to pay off the debt. Chinese productivity is from the technology of 50 years ago, and will run out of ability to lend. Japan has a sclerotic Commie government that failed to end its economic downturn in the 1990's. Europe? Smart, educated people who will never give up their 6 weeks off at the spa, their 9 to 5, their 1.5 hour lunches. Lazy, Commie twits.

That leaves the US. What can be done to increase productivity?

1) Mercilessly crush the obstacles. The biggest obstacle are the Democrat, the lawyer, the Commie. These are synonyms. Pass laws excluding anyone who has passed 1L from all benches, all legislative seats, all policy positions in the Executive. Laws exclude the convicted felon, who is far less damaging than the lawyer.

2) The rate of R & D should be 20% of the GDP, not 2%. That is the fraction for high tech industries. Become a high tech economy, especially in life sciences. Once recognized, a slow increase in that fraction can be pushed.

3) Corporal punishment returns to school, and lawyer entitled parents are crushed, as are lazy, incompetent, anti-learning teachers unions. End all higher budgets for special ed. Put the money into productive students. High tuition for disabled kids is from garbage science, has no merit, and is a total waste. Force education on everyone. Brook no resistance to school discipline. The idea of uneducated, full time Roman Orgy lifestyle kids, parasites, enabled by the vile lawyer traitor on the bench, is over. If kids fail to improve standardized scores for two years, have the principal be fired, as a regulation. Any principal caught cheating goes to prison.

Benefit from the bailouts, by enacting controls on the lawyer profession, or just keep going downhill. Live as they do in South America or Europe, like pigs.

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