Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lawyer Hierarchy Punishes One of Its Own. She Dared to Impose Justice on a Rent Seeking Lawyer Client

The crime of this judge, Sharon Keller of Texas, was to interrupt lawyer employment so that justice could begin. She did not follow procedures that delay justice so that lawyers can get make work jobs. No one said, she executed an innocent person. She decreased lawyer employment. For that, she has to be punished, and other judges have to be deterred.

This is raw rent seeking by the criminal lover lawyer hierarchy. These threats to the safety of the community must resign, get impeached, or get street justice to drive them out of town. Her trial itself will generate jobs for lots of lawyers.

I suggest generating more lawyer jobs by filing ethics complaints against the lawyers who complained, and against the judge that indulged these criminal lover rent seeking threats to the safety of the public. When the Master is named, file complaints against him, and use every sentence he utters as a violation of judicial ethics, since the case has an improper motive, vengeance by criminal lover defense lawyers.

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