Monday, March 2, 2009

Trial Lawyer Boss to Run US Health Care

This trial lawyer will dictate, crush, and oppress clinical care with impunity. Her minion land pirates will plunder it, as a Mafia clan takes over a business. When they have exhausted plundering its assets, they burn it down to collect the insurance. The sole hope of clinical care is the Hilarious Law of Political Irony applies to this feminist extremist, mass murderer of the unborn, party thrower for Dr. Death of 60,000 unborn babies (after a $120,000 contribution from the butcher), Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Once she starts her plunder and destruction, doctors will have to fight back.

I predict they will fail at all airtight rigged, legal means.


Throckmorton said...

I lover her experience in healthcare. She was executive director for the Kansas Trial Lawyers and then a lobbyist for the same. She won the elected insurance commisioners post with money from Insurance companies. Obama then says that she is beyond reproach!

Supremacy Claus said...

The only hope is in the Hilarious, Immutable Law of Unintended Consequences. She ends up crushing the legal predators, and totally enriches doctors by funding care for uninsured patients.


With the extra cash, you might also look for investments in electronic health record providers. Laws cram this worthless, Commie mandate down the throats of doctors with no time for that government make work.

As a patient, in pain, I see my doc hunting and pecking what I am saying? I grab the laptop and throw it out the window. Doc, that is really annoying while I am in agony. Check out the knee, here. Thanks.