Monday, May 5, 2008

Recovery from US Government for Frivolous Fraud Prosecution

A government expert witness contradicted another. The claim had no merit. U.S. v. Mark Capener, M.D.

The court granted a third of the legal costs.

When the lawyer bully comes calling with all the power of government, the innocent defendant should always attack back. Seek discovery of the government lawyer for improper motives. Then countersue the government thug lawyer. Seek full discovery of all experts collaborating with the government lawyer. Always file non-frivolous, well argued ethics complaints, one at a time, in each state of licensure, once a month. The innocent defendant should always have company in the world of uncertainty and pointless, ruinous expense.

The government has dealt itself immunity for interference with contract.

All legal immunities should end. To deter the unjust government lawyer bully.

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