Friday, May 16, 2008

California Supreme Court Permits Homosexual Marriage

The Rent Seeking Theory predicted this ruling. The Theory also predicts that an uniformly conservative US Supreme Court will uphold it against any challenge. The rate of marriage among heterosexuals has dropped. Divorce rates may be dropping. That means family law business is suffering and must find fresh business. All permutations of marriage, including marriage to animals and other phylla will follow. That trend will be driven by the disappointing increase in business from homosexual couple. Homosexuals are not stupid. They will not get married in the numbers anticipated. One of the most intelligent of lawyers finds a way to defend the legitimacy of a decision that reversed a referendum, his being a total victim of the indoctrination of the criminal cult enterprise that is the lawyer profession. He states, these justices are elected and accountable, unlike those on the Supreme Court.

If someone wanted to make homosexuals suffer, this decision could not be outdone. The lawyer is not really interested in the marriage. It is interested in the divorce of homosexuals.
With their high death rate, and above average personal assets, the inheritance will also provide a lot of work for lawyers.

Now, if a homosexual applies for a job, he gets snapped up, as a great worker. This results in a standard of living a full standard deviation above the heterosexual mean. Once this decision has percolated for ten years, homosexuals will become less employable. One applies for a job. It is impossible to know and impermissible to ask if he is married. Therefore, one does not know if there is spouse with AIDS who will break the health insurance budget of the company. Most employers will prefer to just not hire them.

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