Friday, May 9, 2008

Editors of JAMA on Industry Influence on Medical Science

Eleven remedies.

1) List all trials with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors.

2) Have all authors specify their contribution.

3) All affiliations and funding of for profits.

4) Consider funding when deciding to publish.

5) No data collection or analysis by for-profit company.

6) Statistics must be done by someone not employed by for profit.

7) Report and punish any author failing to report conflict or not doing the work.

8) Ban anyone reporting confidential information from a peer review to a for profit company.

9) Fire any editor who allows a for profit to manipulate a decision.

10) No for profit input into educational programs or materials.

11) All doctors are to be free of influence including that of service on a speaker's bureau.

"When integrity in medical science or practice is impugned or threatened - such as by the influence of industry - patients, clinicians, and researchers are all at risk for harm, and public trust in research is jeopardized."

I guess the AMA does not understand something. This is America and not Cuba. These are remedies where no harm has taken place. They are left wing ideologue bullying.

Here is another remedy. I will be requesting the removal of this unAmerican left wing ideologue from the editorship of JAMA.

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