Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Why Not Close Yale University? On Policy Grounds.

Yale Law has lost fed funding over discrimination against the military, violating the Solomon Amendment, unanimously upheld at the Supreme Court.

Yale is the vector for dozens of harmful Euro garbage policy ideas, enacted by both parties. For example, the law enabling and immunizing the HMO was enacted by Nixon. Most of its ideas end up as Democrat Party talking points or planks in their platform.

In the case of the law school, Yale transmitted Legal Realism from the German Free Law Movement. Its contract genius, Llewellyn, trained Cardozo. In Germany, the writing had overreached. So, a date next to a signature voided a will. The signature had to be the last writing, so said the rule. The Free Law Movement intended to soften that harshness, and make it more "English".

There was Legal Realism in the US, under which we continue to suffer. Horrible cult enforcers lawlessly impose their sick rent seeking ideas on the nation, taking it down.

In Germany, Free Law had another spawn, the Nazi Judiciary. It felt free to misinterpret or ignore the laws that would have slowed its murderous rampage down, to further its "policy considerations."

Legal Realism and the Nazi Judiciary are siblings from the same mother. I do not call her a bitch, because her aim was rational, at the turn of the 20th Century. It's her crazy kids that went too far. Before we get all uppity, one difference between them was this. The Nazi Judiciary had a lone dissenter, out of the entire judiciary and German Bar. This judge was offered retirement or execution. He chose retirement. Legal Realism has no dissenter. At Nuremberg, the other judges were hanged for their lawlessness. Justice still awaits in the US.

Yale loves the Taliban, and seeks to recruit them as students.

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