Sunday, September 23, 2007

Immunity and Liability Are Stealthy Industrial Policy Imposed by the Lawyer, Communistic and Lawless

Immune industries grow. Liable industries shrink and disappear.


Kings before and after the execution of Louis XVI.

Railroads in the 19th vs in the 20th Century.

Manufacturing today.

Females in divorce immune from any accountability for misconduct, do not even have to pay for a lawyer, the productive male has to pay the lawyer.

Abortion, immune, growing.

Tobacco use, was immune, now is liable. Grew, then shrank.

Lawyers and judges always immune, always growing in number.

Regulations and lawmaking. Immune and growing, no matter what harm.

Internet, immune and growing.

The KKK and black middle class. During Reconstruction, under the KKK Act, Grant hanged the KKK by the 100's. Black strivers achieved great success and prospered. After Reconstruction, the KKK had total immunity for mass murder and extra-judicial expropriation of black owned property. The KKK grew.

Doctors set their own standards of care. Juries favor them in 75% of verdicts, making them virtually immune. Health care sector is growing rapidly.

Health Maintenance Organizations have immunity for their funding decisions from ERISA. (Aetna Health, Inc. v. Davila, 542 U.S. 200 (2004) 307 F.3d 298)

Criminals have nearly total immunity. 23 million crimes a year, only 1 in 10 is prosecuted.

Lawyers want to make money. They invent false legal doctrines, sell them to pro-lawyer biased judges and clueless juries. Lawyers set industrial policy in violation of the Commerce Clause. They regulate industry without input from either economists nor elected officials. Even the standard enactment process of regulation in the Executive Branch gets bypassed.

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