Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thank the Scalia Bounce for the Increase in Violent Crime

Violent crime increased because more violent criminals are on the loose, thanks to the Scalia Bounce. The killing of police also increased. Thank Scalia.

Why on earth would a conservative set loose 100's of 1000's of vicious violent criminals in a series of decision for which he voted or wrote? The sole explanation is the Rent Seeking Theory, to create lawyer jobs. Scalia has to take responsibility for the just beginning increase in the violent crime rate, after his series of criminal lover, senseless decisions: Apprendi / Blakely / Booker / Cunningham.

The full impact of most legal change takes a decade to fully develop. The public may look forward to accelerating increases in violent crime rates. Prosecutors, deterred by these criminal lover decisions, will be offering more favorable plea bargains. The sentencing guidelines had a small impact on decreasing crime rates in the 1990's to 2000's. The criminal, a valuable commodity for the criminal lover lawyer, could not be removed that way. So Scalia stepped in.

Scalia is responsible for the increase in violent crime and all future increases this decade. He must resign or preferably get impeached. Failing that, crime victims are justified in bringing street justice to help him understand their victimization.

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