Monday, August 3, 2009

Similarities Between Law and Medicine

1) Essential utility services.

2) Inherent Conflict of Interest - Enrichment from the trouble of others.

3) Students come from upper part of the college class, but are not geniuses.

4) Education. Requires 80 hours a week of study to do well. Changes the person by suffering.

5) Evidence.

6) Earn roughly four times the average wage. Feared, and respected.

7) Guilds engaging in rent seeking. Health and the law belong to the public. Their licensing is a monopoly privilege with other people's property.

8) Duties to patient or client are highly privileged, even at the expense of the interests of others, because they are essential to fundamental rights of the patient/client.


Throckmorton said...

I think the differences are more interesting. The physician is held responsible for the clients outcome. The attornye is not.

Supremacy Claus said...

The differences are humongous. Basically that comes from the lawyer's being mired in methods and doctrines from 1250 AD. Nothing from that era is in any way acceptable for any practice today. They run the three branches of government, have granted themselves immunity, and no one may regulate them except members of their profession.

This atavism explains the utter failure of every goal of every law subject. They are so hateful, even lawyers hate their profession.

Nevertheless, they clearly need our help. They are indoctrinated in these supernatural, medieval garbage doctrines in law school. They need to be deprogrammed from their cult beliefs.