Friday, July 24, 2009

"Dumbass" is a Lawyer Term of Art

It refers to a modern person with an astronomical IQ, such as 300. The person enters law school, and gets subjected its criminal cult enterprise indoctrination. The person emerges a mental cripple with the following beliefs:

1) minds can be read;

2) the future of rare accidents may be foreseen;

3) twelve strangers off the street, after excluding all with knowledge, can detect the truth by using their gut feeling, when all they have detected is likability;

4) the standard of prudent conduct are to be set by a fictional person, to make them objective, and they have no inkling, it is a fictional person because "reasonable" technically refers to the New Testament, and the fictional person is really Jesus Christ.

The indoctrination and its impact are so great that the person refuses to believe the indoctrination has changed him nor even taken place.

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