Friday, November 28, 2008

So the Supremacy Voted for Obama, But to Get the Opposite of What He Promised

We last left you with the Supremacy partying with extreme left wing wackos and Hate America traitors, swarming from Harvard Law School to persuade people to vote for Obama.

In accordance with the Immutable Law of Hilarious Political Irony, the Supremacy had voted for George Bush. In his 2000 debate Bush promised, there will be no nation building under my administration. We got an orgy of nation building. We also got a doubling of the size of the Federal Register of Federal regulations. His Supreme Court declared carbon dioxide a pollutant. That means all being using aerobic respiration now emit a pollutant whenever they exhale and are subject to regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency. The deficit exploded to $trillion. The size of government exploded. The share of taxes paid by the rich, meaning most productive, that exploded. His Supreme Court also knocked criminal sentencing guidelines. These had decrease reliably the crime victimization rate by 40%. Now we have the Scalia Bounce in violent crime. The murder rate is suppressed solely by advances in trauma care, derived from the Iraq war. The number of violent crime victims saved by these advances will exceed the number of combat deaths by many orders of magnitude. And then, my personal favorite, I got an East German style banking system from Bush, where the government owns them, and tells them to whom to lend.

So does the Law apply to Obama. So far it does. I will be listing its effects as time passes.

1) We are the UNITED States of America, he said, promising to end partisan politics. So his first appointment is of Rambo Emmanuel, a vicious, lunatic partisan, cursing every fourth word, a ballet dancer who sends dead fish to people he finds offensive.

2) We will exit Iraq immediately. So he appoints the administrator of the Surge as Secretary of Defense. He appoints Hillary Clinton, the person who voted to fund the war, and criticized Obama's irresponsible plan to cut and run. We are going to be in Iraq for hundreds of years.

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