Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Supremacy Parties with Laurence Tribe Campaigning for Barack Obama

First some summary comments from the lawyer host. He sues doctors for a living and always wins $multi-million verdicts. Then some of the real scoop from the Supremacy.

"Professor Tribe was born in Shanghai, his grandparents survivors of the Eastern European pogroms and his parents refugees from the turmoil of World War II and the Holocaust. He attended Harvard College and Harvard Law School. He began teaching at Harvard Law School in his mid-20s and has been a professor of constitutional law there for some 40 years. He has written many books and texts on constitutional law. His latest book, The Invisible Constitution (Inalienable Rights), is receiving solid reviews."


Professor Tribe has had the privilege of teaching ConLaw to Chief Justice Roberts and many other leading legal scholars and leaders of the bar. He was also Barack Obama's law professor at Harvard.
Professor Tribe talked of his early impressions of Obama. He described Obama as the most impressive first year law student he has known in all his years of teaching. He recalls Obama as standing out for his intellect, his "moral compass" and his determination and passion. Obama worked as a research assistant to Tribe and Tribe came to know him well. Tribe's impression even then was that Obama had the capacity to be "more than just a Senator." Professor Tribe noted that Obama had many opportunities out of law school because of his excellent record in school, incuding his election as the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review. Tribe says he was impressed that Obama turned down lucrative offers at big firms in New York to return to Chicago and work as a community organizer. Tribe also recalled that he and Obama had many conversations as teacher and student on ranging subjects, not limited to the law. Professor Tribe noted, for instance, that in law school Obama expressed support for Israel, that Israel's right to exist should be deemed "sacrosanct." Tribe recalls the conversation coming up in the context of Tribe referring to Tribe's family members who lived in Israel. Professor Tribe has kept in contact with Obama over the years and has continued to advise him periodically throughout the campaign."

Professor Tribe explained:
-- There is a block of four, conservative members on the Court today, consisting of Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Thomas and Alito. This block is already a dominant force on the Court and will be for some time, given the relative youth in particular of Justices Roberts, Thomas and Alito.
-- The next President will very likely name at least two Justices to the High Court. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, appointed by President Clinton, is 75 years old and reportedly in less than great health. Justice John Paul Stevens, appointed by President Ford, is 88 years old. Both are reportedly eager to leave the Court and would likely do so in the next several years.
-- Justices Scalia and Thomas have made it clear that they want to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that established a woman's right to an abortion up until the fetus' viability. Justices Alito and Roberts, though they have not spoken out to make their views clearly known one way or the other, are, Professor Tribe said, just as clearly in favor of overturning Roe, based on their writings and their decisions in other cases.
I asked Professor Tribe, during the Q&A after his talk, whether he had any doubt whatsoever that there are now four votes on the Court for overturning Roe v. Wade. He said there is no doubt. Overturning Roe v. Wade may not come in one fell swoop. It may be a series of decisions. But with one more vote to add to this block, states will quickly pass legislation restricting how, when, or where an abortion may be obtained our outright outlawing an abortion. These state laws would then find their way to the Supreme Court for the ultimate review.
This is not a matter of pro-abortion or anti-abortion. One's personal views about abortion are one's own. The issue, as Professor Tribe frames it, is one of "reproductive freedom," that is one of whether a woman has control over her own body and whether a woman has freedom from government intrusion into decisions that affect her body and her health.
--There are other important social, economic and political issues that are close calls right now. The Court is very split right now, 5-4 on a lot of issues, ranging from habeus corpus (the right of an imprisoned person, including a suspected terrorist, to a hearing to determine whether the imprisonment is lawful); executive power (such as the limits on a president's right to fire independent agency commissioners, such as those serving on the SEC, the FCC, etc.); and other individual liberty, privacy and separation of church/state issues. These will continue to come to the Court and so the close split on the Court will almost certainly become critically important."

So much for the standard masking ideology.

SC circulated before the start of the festivities. He randomly spoke to two Ivy trained lawyers who happened to do white collar criminal defense work. That subject must be getting popular. What are the odds of consecutive defense people who did not know each other? One had a PhD in History. He did not know the word, reasonable, meant, in accordance with the New Testament. This is not from esoteric research. It is from Western Civ 101. Yet, no lawyer in the country seems to know that, even specialists in Medieval history. Quite an achievement of the cult indoctrination, to make people forget 10th Grade World History and freshman Western Civ. I asked him what he thought of this. If I were his client, I would insist on the personal destruction of all adverse parties, including the federal thug, and the judge allowing its rampage. Demand total e-discovery of their personal computers, one for improper motive and the other for bias. It was then he had somewhere else to go, "This is not legal advice, but you should never do that. The lawyer will be replaced by a higher up with even more destructive power. It is totally unprofessional to act that way." "Thanks, and take it easy," I replied.

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