Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Solving the Problem of Judges in Failure

As to judges,

1) no lawyer should be allowed on the bench; judging is a difficult, separate, nearly unrelated profession;

2) end all self-dealt judge immunity from professional malpractice; force them to carry insurance; automatically remove the uninsurable judge; if the underwriting risk is unacceptable, the risk to public safety is as well;

3) any engaging in judicial review is violating Article I Section 1 of the US constitution or its state equivalent; arrest them; try them; hang the insurrectionists;

4) stop oppressing judges, and allow them to be inquisitorial;

5) end one of three major mistakes in the Constitution, the life time appointment, allowing an Alzheimerocracy;

6) any uttering Latin, any using supernatural doctrines, any using concepts or methods from Scholasticism is violating the Establishment Clause; apply the remedy in 3);

7) the adversarial system was a Scholasticist method for getting at a correct answer; it has no reliability statistics, let alone any scientific validity; it does not withstand any Daubert analysis; it generates massive lawyer fees, all of which are wasted and worthless, insuring no rights, nor increasing any chance of greater correctness of outcome.

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