Sunday, September 20, 2009

Physician Bashing on KevinMD, Again

Left wing ideologue and Commie collaborator Kevin Cho allowed this garbage on his blog.

"Hospital leaders should follow these same examples for all members of their teams regardless of perceived value.

* Expected behaviors should be clearly delineated.
* Consequences for divergence from these behaviors should also be delineated.
* The type of punishment should be in line with the severity of the infraction.
* Consequences should increase in a step-wise fashion for repetitive infractions.
* Clear communication should occur at each and every instance."

Naturally, left wing ideologues get to determine what is disruptive behavior, and no dissent will be tolerated. Feminist nurses will report jokes to intimidate doctors. There will be an atmosphere of total reporting, instead of direct communication and work disagreements out between staff. The reason? Investigations generate jobs for left wing ideologues.

This protocol is from the AMA and JCAHO, as well. I would appreciate it if any physician subjected to this lawyer oppression of doctors defending clinical care would let me know. Rudeness will be used as a pretext to bully doctors, and to deny care to their patients. The snitch, the hospital, the guideline makers, all should be fully deterred with litigation against them as individuals. Even in the days the KGB had commissars of political correctness in every military and industrial unit, people made jokes. The lawyer is running a tighter ship than the KGB. All physician running dogs and collaborators with this scheme are enemies of clinical care.


Throckmorton said...

One of my many duties that I have had to assume as a result of missing too many departmental meetings is looking into complaints of "disruptive surgeons". It is interesting what I have found. My favorite was when a surgeon found out that his patient was given a heparin bolus immediately post op by mistake. He yelled at the nurse saying she could have killed the patient. Of course, he was the one that the complaint was made on. It seems that most of the complaints are the result of insubordination by the staff and the physician who is overall responsible for the care of the patient is written up.

So instead of yelling when someone tries to kill your patient, you have to submit an incident report which will make it through committee after committee and finally result in a letter that goes in the nurses file that is never read. In the meantime, the attorneys get a copy of the incident report and of course try to sue the doctor because he is the one who has the money prize of insurance and is afterall, ultimately responsible for the care of the patient in the hospital.

Supremacy Claus said...

I hope that counts are kept. If most reports are like the one you investigated, these rules are likely to be 1) interference with the relationship with the patient; 2) thinly veiled, pretextual attacks on male doctors; 3) devoid of substantive harm done by the doctor. If the doctor has a mental illness, these retaliatory measures may violate the new and draconian amended American with Disabilities Act. With Communication problems now classified as a major life function.

I encourage all doctors victimized in this way to sue the snitch, the hospital, the guideline makers, the policy writers, and the state regulatory functionaries as individuals. To deter.