Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bad Cult Uses Good Tactics Against the IRS

Many thanks to Prof. Howard M Friedman and his great site.


1) Massive number of lawsuits simultaneously. "It gained church status from the IRS by, " extraordinary campaign of public pressure backed by thousands of lawsuits.... The church filed about 200 lawsuits against the IRS, seeking documents to prove IRS harassment and challenging the agency's refusal to grant tax exemptions to church entities. Some 2,300 individual Scientologists also sued the agency, demanding tax deductions for their contributions. "Before you knew it, these simple little cookie-cutter suits … became full-blown legal cases," Rathbun said."

2) Attack IRS conduct with documents obtained by the Freedom of Information Act. "Armed with IRS records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, Scientology's magazine, Freedom, featured stories on alleged IRS abuses: lavish retreats on the taxpayers' dime; setting quotas on audits of individual Scientologists; targeting small businesses for audits while politically connected corporations were overlooked. Scientologists distributed the magazine on the front steps of the IRS building in Washington."

3) Whistleblower group. "A group called the National Coalition of IRS Whistleblowers waged its own campaign. Unbeknownst to many, it was quietly created and financed by Scientology."

4) Advertising. "...full-page ads in USA Today criticizing the IRS."

The federal government is in failure. It attacks innocence and protects evil (but not in the case of the Church of Scientology). It is supposed to protect the public. It protects itself only, if at all. Such counter-measures have full moral and intellectual justification to deter it.

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