Friday, January 30, 2009

New Book on 1L's Under Stress

I have not read the book of Prof. McClurg. I would be shocked if he told the truth about 1L. The lawyer profession is organized as a criminal cult enterprise. Its central tenets are supernatural and derived from Medieval church Scholasticist concepts. These are ridiculous to the modern ear.

So indoctrination is the only way to force modern students to accept this Medieval garbage. Not only is this anti-scientific garbage, all the central doctrines violate the Establishment Clause by their origin from a church. The IRAC is from Peter Abelard and Alexander of Hales, monks of the High Middle Ages. Worst, they were French.

So, a culture of terror is set up, with intimidation of students by humiliation. It makes them too afraid for their futures to question the content.

Next, the content is gibberish in massive quantity. To do well or to even pass the student must study gibberish about 80 hours a week. This workload serves to isolate students from normal people, and outside activities. The risk is that too much outside contact may serve to bring the content into question.

Other criminal cult elements include confession, self-criticism, a hierarchical structure, draconian discipline not for lawyers injuring the public, but for lawyers posing the slightest challenge to the lawyer hierarchy, reordering the thinking and the language of already very intelligent people, alienating them from others.

This article discusses the Watchtower people, but apply to law school. See what can be easily recognized.

I invite 1L to run down this summary chart of the criteria defining various forms of mind control. The column most congruent with law school, I think, is indoctrination.

Rough indoctrination methods best explains the stress of 1L. However, this indoctrination is so good, no one knows it has even taken place. After passing 1L, intelligent, modern students come to believe minds may be read, the future of rare accidents forecast, the standards of conduct of a fictional character, that 12 strangers off the street, excluding anyone with any knowledge, can detect the truth by their gut feelings. Lastly, the real meaning of the word, reasonable, has been covered up. It means, in accordance with the New Testament. It stands apart from logic, intellect, that were misled by the Fall from the Garden of Eden, and by deadly sins.

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