Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Samaritan Can be Sued, Despite Law

And here.

The standard tort law is that an Olympic swimmer may stare at a three year old girl drowning in a pool at his feet, and do nothing. He has no duty to rescue the little girl. He may not be sued after her death. (The innocent homeowner, and pool maker are to be sued, because they have money.) This is sick lawyer, disgusting outrage. It gets worse. If the Olympic swimmer sets out to do the right thing, leans in to pull out the girl out of the pool, he instantaneously sets off a duty to not do any damage. So, her dress tears as he pulls her out of the pool. He is liable for the value of the torn dress. He must pay. The rescuer that saved the life of a little girl must pay under the sick lawyer law.

It comes as no surprise then that Americans, as a rule, are better off doing nothing to help others, just watch them die.

What explains this insanity? The hierarchy of the criminal cult enterprise that is the lawyer profession wants no one but agents of central government helping others. Rescue by others decreases government employment.

Here are the consequences. It is inconceivable the 9/11 hijacking could have succeeded on a foreign airline. The Americans on the first two flights were lawyerized, and feminized by the lawyer. Only the threat of certain death prompted the brave passengers on the third flight to act. It is bad luck that hard working people died in the Twin Towers, and that the passengers saved lawyer dominated and run Congress from destruction.

At the V Tech massacre, only immigrants acted to save others. One held the door closed, and was shot and killed through it. Once the execution style shooting starts, does it not make sense to do something, anything. Throw a chair, a book, run around. Don't just stand there. No. The students were lawyerized and feminized. The female immigrant was less lawyerized and feminized than American jocks.

The judges on this court must be removed. Statutes should pass assessing substantial fines on anyone failing to attempt to rescue, however, negligently and incompetently.

I am surprised a lawyer has not sued the rescuers on the third flight of 9/11. Lawyers filing such claims should be beaten and driven out of town. Anyone not rescuing us from these lawyers should be assessed heavy fines. The judges must also be driven out of office, or impeached. They should go on trial for their decision, and nor for any collateral corruption lawyer gotcha. Their decision is the crime.

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