Thursday, April 17, 2008

Review of Malpractice Maldistribution

Here, and here, by Ted Frank.

And by Eugene Volokh, here.

With regard to the lawyer statistics, including Volokh's statistical sophistry.

If 100% of the medmal plaintiff lawyers are responsible for the 75% failure rate of their weak cases, shouldn't they all lose their licenses? I like a three strikes law. Lose three, become a high school history teacher.

This is even better. To deter. Oppose corporatist tort reform, an ineffective lawyer Trojan horse. End all self-dealt lawyer and judge immunities. Then sue them personally into stopping their misconduct. All lawyers and judges carry massive insurance policies to make whole the victims of their lawyer carelessness. This includes the victims of a false verdict, breaching res judicata, as warranted. Classes get covered. So the 1000's of chemical workers losing their jobs after the company bankrupting false breast implant verdict get compensated for lost wages.

These lawyers sure have dozens of duties to the defendant, enumerated in the Rules of Conduct, Evidence, Civil and Criminal Procedure. These are formal statutory duties and settled Supreme Court holdings. Deter the self-dealing tort feasors.

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