Saturday, January 12, 2008

The V Word - Impossible Utterance for Anyone Who Has Passed 1L

I cannot get anyone who has passed 1L to utter the V word, victim. I am really getting desperate. I have provided a sentence to be copied and pasted in a reply. That would satisfy me entirely. Take a shot at this. No effort. No one else outside the law has any trouble with this word. It causes the lawyer throat to close up, and the lawyer writing hand to horribly cramp up.

"The black murder victim has as much value as anyone else. The murderer of the black murder victim should be stopped."

Why do lawyers choke on the V word? Even crusading prosecutors have the criminal as a source of employment. The crime victim does nothing for the lawyer. If the murderer had assets, I have no doubt the lawyer would be quite dramatic about the V word, but in the civil suit.

I am not in a rush. Take a week to use the V word, if you need to.

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