Sunday, December 9, 2007

Carnegie Foundation Report on Legal Education

Some things went unstated in the Summary. These may not be spoken out loud, without expulsion.

The education must have the structure and methods of indoctrination ("thinking like a lawyer"). It is impossible to become a lawyer otherwise. Why?

The education must blind very intelligent people to the supernatural nature of the core doctrines, future forecasting, mind reading, the standards of conduct of a mandatorily fictional character. Finally, the central word of the law, reasonable, in accordance with the New Testament, an unlawful meaning in our secular nation.

The student must learn to fear and obey a hierarchy. The latter makes 99% of the policy decisions of the three branches of government. When entitled students question this approach, the false reply returns, it's to give you the courage to advocate in a court.

The student must be overwhelmed with massive numbers of rules, difficult issue spotting, as in a puzzle. This busy work has no empirical validation. Still, it prevents the student from noticing this little problem. Every self-stated goal of every law subject is in utter failure. Were students to ever realize that, the authority of the hierarchy would diminish.

School bullies the student into lawyer discipline, from day one. The student may not even express a drunken opinion about any legal matter at a party without fear of being reported and punished. The student does not learn, lawyer discipline ignores all Rules of Conduct, but four. These further hierarchical interests.

What is at stake for the hierarchy? They run half the economy by their control of government. They have a highly successful rent seeking business, bringing in $tril yearly, making it the wealthiest and most successful syndicate in history.

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