Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lawyer Education as Cult Indoctrination

Cult indoctrination is the first prong making the lawyer profession a criminal cult enterprise.

The indoctrination is so good, no law student knows it has taken place. No law student has consented to hidden indoctrination. They are taught to think like lawyers, which is quite different from their ordinary high intelligence. Anyone who has passed 1L cannot be retrieved.

This is a simple summary table of levels of persuasion. In 9 of 9 rows, legal education best fits the Indoctrination column.

It verges on "thought reform," being deceptive. These features of "thought reform" describe 1L even better than "indoctrination."

"The tactics of a thought-reform program are organized to:

  • Destabilize a person's sense of self,
  • Get the person to drastically reinterpret his or her life's history and radically alter his or her worldview and accept a new version of reality and causality,
  • Develop in the person a dependence on the organization, and thereby turn the person into a deployable agent of the organization."
For those who want to read more, see Chap. 3, The Process of Brain Washing, Psychology of Coercion and Thought Reform, from Cults in Our Midsts, by MT Singer and J Lalich.

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